Richard Madeley – T’autobiography Chapter 73 ‘Lorraine’s Growler’

The message from Gordon the Gopher was abundantly clear: sexually seduce Lorraine Kelly with your penis or face, or face the consequences with your face or penis. I wasn’t quite clear on what those consequences were, but I imagined it was a darn sight worse than licking the porridge-clad labia of a Scottish spinster who […]

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Me, Prince & Him

There I was, leisurely strolling across the rain-strewn South bank of London.  The streetlights bounced at me as my feet navigated the puddles.  Incoherent shouts of traffic tried to penetrate my ears, which were otherwise engaged with the sounds of Prince.  He was telling a story about a girl who owned a beret that tasted […]

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The Box-Set

The queue wasn’t too big.  I figured this to be a bonus since I’m one of the few British residents who don’t like queuing.  I find it to be a waste of time.  But contempt is balanced by a voice in my head that suggests it is a necessary evil, and dare anyone seek to […]

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