London-based Alfie Evers first came to prominence in 2015 after winning a Nobel Prize for his novel ‘Sex Football Beer’ which sold over 100,000,000 Billion copies worldwide and was translated into a world-record 1300 languages. After enjoying such huge success, Evers hid away from the public eye, choosing instead to live on a farm in Lichtenstein, where it is reported that he found the cure for people who talk too loudly on the phone whilst riding public transport.

Following his public refusal of knighthood from the British Monarchy, Evers went into hiding and – after leading an uprising in 2032 – he was elected the first President of the newly formed Peoples’ Republic of Europe.

Alfie is happily married with 16 wives, has 436 children, and spends his time hosting live standup comedy, writing lewd toilet graffiti, and moaning about trains.

Please feel free to contact Alfie at:
Instagram: @alfieevers
Facebook: @alfieeverscomedy
Twitter: @alfieevers
Work can also be seen at  The Huffington Post.

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