Alfie on Stage

Alfie hosts THREE Comedy Nights in London
ISLA RAY CAFE, DEPTFORD – Every 2nd Thursday of the month
The QUEEN’S HEAD, BRIXTON  – Every 3rd Thursday of the month
The EFFRA SOCIAL, BRIXTON – Every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month

All are warm, inclusive atmospheres filled with buckets of fun to keep you smiling until breakfast. Oh, and all are FREE ENTRY…
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October 2018…..  SOLD OUT!!

THE AUTOMATED FEEDING TRAY A comedy music play written by Alfie Evers

Ross is leg-smackingly-fingers-up-bum in love with his Internet girlfriend, Elizabeth Windsor. But, despite working his fingers to the bone scrubbing imaginary floors at the local factory, he just can’t raise the funds in order to surprise visit her. His oldest friend, Fat Tony, thinks it’s a waste of time; that Ross should maybe spend his time getting ‘a dead dog or sommat’. But then, he’s always been a little protective.

Ross soon discovers the answer to his prayers lie with Bad Boss Benson – a former evil mastermind turned carpet store owner – who offers to pay Ross to take the dangerous mission of travelling to the Sports Direct Castle of Doom to confront the villainous Kenneth Backersby.

Much against Fat Tony’s sound advice of staying at home and getting a kebab, Ross finds himself on a quest armed with nothing more than a British set of values, a packet of Monster Munch, and two eyes clouded by his love for Elizabeth.

Weds 24th – Friday 26th October 2018 – Etcetera Theatre, Camden, LONDON

Music written by Ross Power & Alfie Evers
Starring Alfie Evers & Dominic Price
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